Towels are part of our daily lives…

Have you considered that they can serve to
something more than to dry you?

Do you resign yourself to losing freshness, to give off a bad odour and to stop provide you with a feeling of cleanliness after being used?

In nod-bcn company we have the illusion of making you change your mind when you discover a new way to take care of yourself every day.

In nod-bcn, every detail adds up. Thanks for your trust!

nod 2
  • Towels designed and manufactured with combed cotton and Amicor smart fiber

    They have durable antimicrobial properties that protect your skin by providing you with a feeling of maximum hygiene.

  • The towel maintenance is more sustainable

    This same antimicrobial effect will allow you to space time between washes.

  • Proximity construction.

    We reduce environmental transportation costs due to a proximity construction which, in turn, ensures quality control.

  • Reduction of the environmental footprint

    Our towels are wrapped in practical cloth bags that you can reuse, so we can minimize the waste footprint on each shipment.